Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What the Dead Leave Behind

by Rosemary Simpson

Prudence McKenzie is no weak, shrinking violet even though the death of her father left her grief stricken. Now with the death of her fiancé she should be devastated but she is more concerned with her stepmother’s attempts to ply her with laudanum. Prudence knows Victoria’s after her father’s money but at what cost?  What disturbs her more, is why her father married Victoria in the first place?  An event as big as a blizzard and as small as a playing card will be the turning point which will seal the path that young Prudence will set out on. With help from her deceased fiancée’s friend and a beloved family friend, Prudence hopes to bring Victoria’s true face to the society Victoria covets.  

The practice of caregivers overstepping their bounds is a well-known fact that is often told in tales of the late 19th, early 20th centuries and let’s face it, 21st too.   Women often found themselves the victims to be legally removed from the picture by schemers.  Simpson takes the theme and turns it around by giving Prudence a mind and steely disposition to take matters into her own hands.  Filled with plot twists, nasty characters and a few heroes this book has some surprising turns that many mystery lovers will not be able to predict. I was often surprised by the direction Simpson took her story and was pleasantly surprised to find myself thinking about this story. I hope we get to read more of Prudence’s adventures. 

I wish to thank the publisher for their generosity of providing an advanced reader’s copy for my honest review.

ISBN: 9781496709080           Pub: Kensington         Pub Date: Apr. 25, 2017

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