Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Word About Seth Grahame-Smith

Any of you out there actually read Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer or Pride Prejudice and Zombies?  I’m not talking about seeing the movies.  Everyone knows that if there was a book before the movie, the book is better.  Now granted, many die hard Jane Austen fans were a bit putout with Grahame-Smith’s mash up of Pride and Prejudice.  However, if you read the book, you know he stayed true to Austen’s novel and just moved a few things around to fit in the zombies.  He does a wonderful job of mixing in the elements of supernatural into the realistic realm.  These elements are not aggrandized nor take over the story.  They are artfully woven into the story and blend in as if these events happened, these beings actually existed.  As you read about the life of Abraham Lincoln, the way Grahame-Smith weaves in the paranormal elements into Lincoln’s life you begin to feel that perhaps this could have happened.  In his newest venture in the life of the vampires, his latest tells Henry Sturges’s story. I like Henry.  He is a vampire with a heart and morals. Odd mix for a monster. The Last American Vampire is an artful look at how these supernatural creatures could be an asset to a government. It is a very interesting look at history as Grahame-Smith writes it. I recommend picking them up. 
Genre: Historical/Supernatural

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