Thursday, September 22, 2016

The House Between Tides
     by Sarah Main

Hetty Devereaux has inherited Muirlan House as the last living descendant of Theo Blake. Pushed by forces influenced by emotion and curiosity she travels to the estate in the Scottish Outer Hebrides.  Her search for answers only creates more questions when a body is discovered under a crumbling wall. Told through voices from the past and the present, Maine tells the story of a man haunted by what life held from him and a vulnerable young woman, under the influence of others, who only wishes to make the right decisions.  Using prose that flings the salt mist into your face, bringing the past rushing into an all too real present, Maine paints a portrait with words more stark and human than the paintings her fictional painter Theo Blake can create. (An ARC was generously provided by NetGalley for an honest review)  Genre: Historical/Contemporary Mystery

Publisher: Atria Books            ISBN:  9781501126918