Monday, April 24, 2017

Kale to the Queen 

by Nell Hampton

Suffering from jetlag, Chef Carrie Ann Cole begins her second day as personal family chef to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor a bit early.  Already on edge from moving to a different country, leaving her boyfriend of six years, and working for the royal family, Chef Cole’s life is about to get more challenging when she discovers a body in the greenhouse.  Chef Cole is about to be tested beyond her cooking skills.

Though not personally familiar with the workings of the royal residence, this book feels well researched and authentic.  Hampton has created a likeable protagonist in Chef Cole and you easily sympathize with the challenges she faces as she makes her way in a new job, in a new country. Carrie Ann’s efforts to succeed and to fit in will be embraced by readers.  The other characters are together likable and dislikable.  The addition of a few recipes at the end is a bonus. This is a delightful first installment and I, as well as many others, will be waiting for the next one.  Well done!

I wish to thank the generosity of the publisher for providing an Advanced Reader’s Copy for my honest review.

ISBN: 9781683311041     PUB:  Crooked Lane Books    PUB DATE:  April 11, 2017

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