Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Death in D Minor
by Alexia Gordon

It can be said that Alexia Gordon is not going to be hit with the sophomore curse.  In her second installment of the Gethsemane Brown mysteries is as good if not better than the first.  Gethsemane is settled in and enjoying the holidays.  Of course, she would continue to enjoy them if she hadn’t been visited by the man who wants to kick her out of her home.  However, Eamon’s ghost isn’t around any longer to help her out.  This time she is on her own.  She borrows a grimoire and attempts to contact Eamon but all she seems to conjure is her brother-in-law who shows up on her doorstep looking to visit while he attends an art auction in a nearby town.  As she continues her attempts to contact Eamon’s ghost, Gethsemane finds herself embroiled in art fraud and murder. Gordon’s novel is filled with quips from her smart protagonist and the return of a few village characters.  Readers who enjoy their mysteries complex, well plotted and a lot of fun should definitely pick this up.  Plus, the endings of her novels have an unexpected twist.  This is a terrific summer read.

I wish to thank the publisher for generously providing an Advanced Reader’s Copy for my honest review.

ISBN:  9781635112313
PUB: Henery Press

Pub. Date: July 11, 2017

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