Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dragon Teeth

by Michael Crichton

William Jason Tertullious Johnson is the son of a wealthy Philadelphia shipbuilder in the fall of 1875.  Spoiled, privileged, Yale student with no direction, William takes the bet of a fellow student to go west during the summer instead of going on a comfy, pampered trip to Europe. Full of doubt and uncertainty, he embarks on an adventure that will ‘make a man of him’ and ‘give him purpose’ but most importantly, teach him about friendship and loyalty and give him a very exciting adventure.

Discovered by Michael Crichton’s wife, Sherri, she felt this was a story that Michael had always hoped for further development and eventual publication.  It does lack the extensive scientific detail that Crichton’s previous works are well-known but it doesn’t lack the action and excitement.  It certainly delivers in the category of adventure and questionable characters. This would be a great novel to put in the hands of teens who are interested in the action/adventure genre.  It is filled with bigger than life heroes and bad guys that is sure to hook and reel them in.  Some historical details are well researched and depicted. While some characters were real to the historical times, they are placed in the story where they never visited.  This doesn’t detract from the overall feel or atmosphere of the story.  It makes it fun and certainly adds to the excitement.  It is fiction, after all.  This is a highly entertaining novel.

I am thankful to the publishers for providing an Advanced Reader’s Copy for my honest review.

ISBN: 9780062473356   PUB: HarperCollins                 PUB DATE: May 23, 2017

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